Academy Hardwood Floor Gallery

The Cow of the Academy
Brazilian Cherry Hardwood
Laminate Flooring on Underlay
Finishing Around Fireplace
Dogs Love the Floor
Flooring is Puppy Proof
Constructing Stairs
Rail Details
Cutting out Stair Moulding
Attaching Moulding
Attention to Detail
Straight and Precise
One Step at a Time
Finished Steps
Transition to Floor
Make no Mistake
Beautiful Staircase
Finishing Up
Nature Provides
Testing Sub-Floor Level
Evening out the Sub-Floor
Even after Drying
Laying down More Floor
Cutting Out a Vent Hole
Beautiful Transition to Kitchen
Wood is very Versatile
Also Able to Construct Decks
Laying Down the Foundation
Looking Great
Straight Edges and Connections
Completely Even
Stairs up to the Deck
Constructing the Railing
Looking Beautiful
Great Addition the the Backyard
Great for the Summer
Stairs Finished
All Finished
Sometimes a single board must be replaced
Repairs can be done
No Damage to Surrounding Floor
In the Centre of a Hallway
Beautiful Finished Stairs
A Lighter Set of Stairs
Great Colour Coordination
Flawless Surface
Attention to Every Detail
Looking Down From Above to Below
Painting the Panel White
Caption goes here
Rotating Staircase
Attaching the Edges
Half way Done